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Rates Information:
Exp Rate: 500x
EXP Party Rate: x550
Gold Rate: x60
Drop Rate: x70
Alchemy rate: x1.5
Start Level: 1
Max Level: 130
* All Maps Working
* All mobs working good 110-120 Jupiter Temple & Mirror world
* all mobs working also 120-130 at Jop Temple Thief & Hunter
* Added a New unique's
* Fortress War, Holy Water Temple Forgotten World all work good


Dedicated Server Information:
Model: ******s Server 2008
Proccessor: Xion intel(tm) 2.40 GHz
Rams: 24.0GB


Start Items
hello guys we made a new start items hope you like it .
Added all items D12 sun + all weapon's Sun
Added a Newbie title at starter
Added a 50 reverse scroll
Added a 50 return scroll
Added a HP & MP Points
And More ..


server update:
hello guys we made a new best update hope you liked it
added a new custom npc
added a Advanced C & D for degree 12 and 13
added a Phoniex avatar a new dress from isro
added a demon avatar
added a arch angel avatar
added a new amluran devil
added a Silkroad R skills
added mobs 120-130 ( Temple Jop )
and more you will find them by ur self when you join to game!


Some Pic's

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