The Bible or the Qur’an, the word of God?


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How do we know that the Qoran is God’s book?

A: the fact that the Qoran hasn’t changed since it was revealed. It was transferred from Collection of people about the collection of people and now millions worldwide know the Qoran (some fully and some partly) by heart; These crowds can not be met by lies

How do we know that Mohamed (Peace be upon him) is the messenger of God?

A: Before his call to Islam he was known as al-Sadiq al-Ameen (the honest, the trustworthy), this because he never lied and had the best manners. As a young man he had also a reputation of resolving inter-tribal differences.

Why didn’t the tribal leaders believe in Mohamed’s message from the start?

A: Arrogance and fear of change. They knew that Mohamed’s message would change the way they live and rule and since they wanted to keep things the old way the rejected it. However in the end most of them ended up believing in his message.

Why don’t the Muslims believe that Jesus (peace be upon him) is the salvation?

A: It is of no logic that one person should be held accountable for the sins of the entire mankind. Another point is that we in the Islam don’t have intermediators between ourselves & God; we can repent to God directly or ask him for anything without having to go through someone else.

How can Jesus be born without a father and why don't be the son of God?

A: Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) is created without a father or mother and everyone recognized him as a prophet and not the son of God

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