how to lose weight in less than a week


طاقم الإدارة
hey fat dude !!

I assume you are here to find solution to lose some fats you get tired of many dietary regimes

however let us start to know the basics that may help you in the future to lose some weight

1- calcualte your body needs of calories the normal person may need about 2700 calories

2- caluculate the input of the meals and how much calories in each one alon e

3- never let the breakfast ,it its the most important meal at all

4-put in your mind that carbohydrate is the most gaining weight factor because it elevates insulin in blood making you always hungry

5-also fats found in burger and fast food is more dangerous

6- if you intend to have adiet put in mind these previous factor and you have two option

7- either to train your body and muscle by sport

8- take medical thing like Xenical ot

9- glucosanol also approved

10-buy Xbox kinekt

and this help you to play nike sport games where you can lose more fats and fats