how to promote youe website in google search engine


طاقم الإدارة
google search engine is consider the main source of the web visits
so if you want to depend on source of visits just depend on google

google uses alot of algorithms that make it the smartest website on the web even it rocks the high- tech made website

to get on the top of the ladder of google rank you need more tools

1- the first tool you need is to let your site be
search engine oprimization

if you are using a forum script try to use some hacks like vbseo

if you want ascript you can depend on try wordpress it is the most popular one

2- use a powerful server to reduce server time

3- the more tidy your website the more google search rank you get

4- use social media to share your posts every where like facebook and twitter

5-get more backlinks

the back links give you more visitors ..

6- reduce bounce time and make the user stay more time on your own website

to be continued

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